Press Release
December 16, 2019

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Vicente C. Sotto III

On Charter Change resolution at the House of Representatives.

SP Sotto: Wala kaming kinalaman doon. Wala kaming kinalaman dahil it is not a priority in the Senate. It's not in any of the committees, there is resolution filed, we are not even talking about it, so the House can do whatever it wants, and perhaps if they decide on something, then they can transmit it to us.

Q: And then?

SP Sotto: And then we can talk about it if it's transmitted to us.

Q: ...Not yet dead as far as the Senate is concerned?

SP Sotto: No, as I said, we don't know anything about it. I cannot say if it's alive or dead.

Q: Sabi ng House hindi na raw padadaanin ng Con-Ass? Parang cha-cha by legislation?

SP Sotto: We'll discuss it in our committees.

Q: (Unclear) just certifications in liquidating expenses of the Senate. Apparently you sent a letter to COA last September?

SP Sotto: It was already allowed before. There's a certain percentage na kailangan may certification, certain percentage na (unclear) dapat may liquidation.

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