Press Release
November 7, 2019


Senator Richard J. Gordon sponsored on Wednesday Senate Resolution No. 210 or the "Resolution Expressing Profound Sympathy and Sincere Condolences of the Senate of the Philippines on the Death of Representative Rodolfo B. Albano, Jr."

The Resolution recognizes Albano's dedication as a public servant, who has served the three branches of the government: the executive, legislative and judiciary.

Likewise, the Resolution distinguishes Albano's sense of nationalism and patriotism that he instilled to his children, who also dedicated their lives as public servants, and considered his passing "a great loss not only to his family but more importantly to the country."

In his privilege speech, Gordon said, "The man we are honoring is the man who served the country for more than three decades especially as a distinguished legislator having occupied many positions, including Majority Leader and certainly served his province of Isabela for an extended period of time. It is my great honor to author this resolution so that the family will realize that he has a lot of friends in the Senate who reveres him, who cherishes his memory. "

Prior to his demise, Albano served as the Representative of the Liquified Petroleum Gas Marketers' Association (LPGMA) party-list in the 18th Congress. He started his career in public service as a Vice Governor of the Province of Isabela in 1960, then he became Congressman for the then lone district of the province in 1970.

In 1975, Albano was appointed presiding judge of the Criminal Circuit Court of the 16th Judicial District of Davao City. He has also served as an Assemblyman at the Interim Batasang Pambansa in 1978 and as Isabella 1st District Representative in 1987 and 2010. He was appointed Chairperson of the Energy Regulatory Commission in 2004.

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