Press Release
October 8, 2019

Opening statement of Senator Win Gatchalian: Committee on Trade public hearing on SBN 745 Parking Fees Regulation Act

Again, this is a straightforward bill wherein this calls for the standardization of parking fees across different shopping malls, buildings and other business establishments. My proposal Mr. Chair which is the subject of this hearing is to standardize parking fees to forty pesos for the first eight hours, additional ten pesos for the next succeeding hours and an overnight parking fee of one hundred pesos per vehicle.

Mr. Chair in addition to that, we want to put the responsibility and the liability of let's say, in the event of damages to a vehicle or crime committed inside the facilities, we want to make the owner of the parking space responsible for it. This stemmed from a conversation with a friend of mine where she experienced a crime when she was actually inside the parking space or parking facility. The owner of the parking facility refused to shoulder any of the damages and any of the hospital billings she incurred because the parking owner invoked the fine print on the parking slip provided upon entry which states that the parking owner does not have any liability for any incidental losses or damages inside the facility. We want to bring the responsibility of these incidences back to the owner of the parking lot and on top of that we want to impose fines and penalties if ever any of the provisions is violated.

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