Press Release
October 8, 2019

Opening statement of Senator Win Gatchalian:
Committee on Trade public hearing on SBN 368 Proof-Of-Parking Space Act

This is actually the second time we will be hearing this bill, this bills is quite basic, kung wala kang paradahan you will not be allowed to register your car. So meaning we're giving now emphasis on the responsibility of the car owner to make sure he has his own garage before he purchases a car. So this bill is aimed to help in the alimentation of our traffic situation. As we all know, even though we use the secondary roads, kung madalas ho kayo gumamit ng waze, I think itututro ho kayo sa secondary roads pero pagdating niyo sa secondary roads rest assured madaming nakaparadang mga sasakyan ho doon leaving the secondary road useless to all of us in alleviating or finding a different route to our destination. Again, the focus of the bill is not to prevent car owners to buy cars, you can buy as many cars as you want as long as you have your own parking space and do not park on the road.

The aim of this bill is to clear the road, to make the roads passable to all motorists and to also free up the sidewalks because a lot of sidewalks are being used as parking lots also. Tatlo po yung target ng bill na ito; first is to clear up the roads, second is to free up the sidewalks and thir is to put a big emphasis on putting responsibility on car owners. So, we have to be responsible enough to afford our own parking space before we can purchase our own car.

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