Press Release
September 11, 2019


Senator Richard J. Gordon ordered the National Bureau of Investigations to check the cellular phones which have been subpoenaed from two of the resource persons in the joint hearing on proposed amendments to Republic Act 10592 or the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) Law.

Gordon directed the NBI to retrieve the messages deleted and call logs from the phones submitted by Sr. Insp. Maria Belinda "Mabel" Bansil and Sgt. Veronica "Boday" Buno to the Committees on Justice and Human Rights and the Accountability of Public Officers & Investigations (Blue Ribbon).

"We want the NBI to check if the phones were tampered, with messages and call logs deleted. Upon checking, we saw that one phone has only five messages while the other has two. Obvious sila dahil yung telepono binura lahat. Talagang nagtatago sila. Bakit ka naman magbubura kung wala kang tinatago? That shows that it is happening, na talagang nanghihingi sila ng pera tapos binura nila para walang makuhang ebidensya. That could be obstruction of justice" he said.

Gordon was not sold on Buno's explanation that she has a habit of deleting messages from her phone since it's capacity is not big enough to store a number of messages.

"Dalawa silang may habit? Dalawa silang partner? Imposible! Sabi ko nga sa kanila, magsabi na kayo ng totoo because your answers speak of the fact that you're lying," he said.

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