Press Release
September 10, 2019

Committee on Civil Service, Government and Professional Regulation joint with Basic Education, Arts and Culture, Higher, Technical and Vocational Education, Ways and Means and Finance
10 September 2019, 11:30pm

Statement of Senator Bong Go

Good morning, Mr. Chair, my fellow senators, at sa lahat po ng mga kasamahan natin sa gobyerno na nandito. At para sa ating mga teacher groups, as promised by President in his previous pronouncements about the increase salary.

Each day, our government employees continue to make important and unquantifiable contributions to ensure our physical safety and security, and the continued and robust growth of our economy.

In recognition of their invaluable contributions, our civil servants, the people who dedicate their everyday lives to the service of the Filipino people, must be given an opportunity to pursue a career in the service that would allow them to enjoy competitive wages, enough to address their personal needs and that of their families.

As promised by the President, the government will continue to look after the welfare of its employees and grant salary increase to all civilian employees, including teachers and nurses. Holistic na po ang approach natin dito. Maybe hindi po kayo sasang-ayon , hindi naman po natin pwedeng i-please lahat dito sa usapang ito.

We intend to provide competitive and equitable pay to attract and retain competent and committed civil servants, while also keeping it affordable and sustainable.

Mr. Chair, the proposed salary adjustments will raise the pay of government personnel to a level closer to market rates, while giving priority to the rank-and-file positions in the sub-professional and professional categories, especially the teachers.

An adjustment in the basic salary will also result to higher take-home pay as benefits such as Mid-Year and Year-End Bonuses will also increase.

The salary increase will be implemented in three tranches, from 2020 to 2022.

Php 31.1 Billion has been included under the Miscellaneous Personnel Benefits Fund in the proposed 2020 Budget for the implementation of the first tranche salary increase.

Once passed into law, the salary increase will benefit around 1.4 million civilian personnel in the national government.

We will work closely with the Executive Branch in refining the provisions of the proposed bills to increase the salary of our government personnel.

Lastly, allow me to thank each and every employee, from the highest posts to the lowest ranks, who has dedicated himself each and every day to the service of the country and the Filipino people.

Since lilipat na po tayo sa another agenda, ito pong napag-usapan na po namin. I came from the executive po, may mga kasamahan po ako dati dito. May mga taga-DBM po ba dito? Initially, napag-usapan na po ito sa gabinete at nag-set aside po sila ng budget para dito. Ito po 'yung tatawaging 5th tranche na po ng Salary Standardization Law. Nabanggit rin po ito ni Pangulong Duterte during his SONA.

Maraming salamat po.

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