Press Release
August 19, 2019

Statement of Sen. Leila M. de Lima on the death of Sec. Gina Lopez


Today, we bid farewell to a warrior. The mountains and the seas that she loved have beckoned and so she must go.

As we deeply mourn her passing, we celebrate her life. This world will never forget the woman who, from a life of privilege, found her calling among those who have the least - in the slums, among the abused, and with the indigenous communities devastated by the destruction of their ancestral domains.

She was unwavering in her decision to close mining sites in watersheds and remained undaunted in her advocacy to protect the environment, even after the rejection of her appointment as DENR Secretary.

Gina's passion was contagious and her commitment to make this world a better place, an inspiration. The legacy she left will be a beacon in these dark times, guiding us through seemingly insurmountable odds, as we continue the struggle for truth, justice and peace.

Thank you, Sec. Gina Lopez. You will be greatly missed but your passion for life and your love for the people will continue to live in all of us.

(Access the handwritten copy of Sen. De Lima's statement, here:

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