Press Release
December 31, 2018

Dispatch from Crame No. 444:
Time to be angry. Time to say "ENOUGH".


It is unfortunate to close the year 2018 with yet another despicable speech from a deranged and ever increasingly loose cannon of a President.

The trash that comes out from the foul mouth of this President - the "confession" about the sexual assault of a kasambahay and the intensified attacks against the Catholic faith - is growing ever more toxic and extremely sickening.

Ang pinakanakasusuklam sa lahat marahil ay alam ng buong sambayanang Pilipino na totoong ginawa nya ang mga karumaldumal nyang kinwento sa isang taong walang kalaban-laban, hindi lamang dahil wala na syang control sa kanyang pag-iisip, pananalita at asal, kundi dahil talagang wala siyang hiya sa kapwa tao, or takot sa Panginoon.

Kakila-kilabot ang kapalaran ng sambayanang Pilipino sa ilalim ng isang taong palalo na, wala pa sa katinuan.

If I'm ending the year in this fashion - with rage and indignation - I am sure that people would understand.

Shame on you, all of you who, by your apathy, silence or plain cowardice, have become enablers of this new order of political turmoil and moral decay.

Shame on you, those of you in the audience who would gleefully applaud the offensive rantings, sick non-"jokes", vile and odious sexist remarks, and blasphemies of this madman. Shame on you for egging him towards committing graver acts of depravity and inflicting greater and deeper harm to our people, especially the weak and the impressionable, such as our women and children.

Shame on you, the greedy and abusive politicians who, by your selfish interests and visionless ambitions, have allowed yourselves to be pawns or willing partners of a tyrant on his path to perdition.

Shame on you, Bedans, those of you who, by your self-serving and hypocritical act of bestowing accolades to this first Bedan President as "Bedan of the Decade", have, in fact, glorified infamy, bringing dishonor to our Alma Mater.

The blame for every single evil thing that emanates from this Presidency that afflicts Filipinos everywhere and for generations to come is on your heads. The blood of those killed and will be killed, abused and exploited are in your hands. No amount of power or wealth can wipe it away. You should be ashamed to touch your children and loved ones with the blood-soaked hands of people who have sold their souls to a devil.

This is the evil spirit that our Filipino New Year's Eve traditions are supposed to drive away.

And drive it away we must.

With fiery words of indignation. Of noise barrages relaying our condemnation.

As to us who count ourselves as part of the pro-democracy forces, the urgent and compelling challenge to us is to get our act together and not be weakened and disabled by unnecessary frictions and divisiveness, which only benefit and empower the real and greater enemy.

The clear agenda of the despot is to foment chaos and division, which keep the citizenry confused, benumbed and paralyzed into stupor.

The opposition must devise an aggressive counter-strategy to expose the insidious agenda of this regime, awaken the silent majority and stir them into action.

It's time to get angry. Really angry.

But channel that anger towards the common enemy.

Time to say ENOUGH!

Time to stand strong and united to destroy this evil.

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