Press Release
December 4, 2018

Martial law extension a continuing violation of Constitution: Kiko

We call on the military to match its request for martial law extension with hard and justifiable facts. For instance, it should answer the question: How big and wide is the threat in the region that necessitates it to be placed under such declaration?

As it is, what we are hearing and seeing are facts and records from people's organizations of intimidation and harassment by state forces and paramilitary groups.

The extension itself is a manifestation of martial law's failure in the region. This is so because the military might could never solve the people's woes deeply rooted in poverty, lack of jobs, absence of basic services.

We should also take note that we are heading toward the midterm elections, and a region under the control of the military could affect the campaigning of opposition candidates and those not allied with the administration.

The extension was and continues to be in violation of the Constitution. Martial law is an extreme measure to be imposed only in exceptional cases when there is actual rebellion or invasion and only for a very limited period. Such an extension violates the fundamental law.

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