Press Release
December 4, 2018


Deploring the still unabated killings with impunity, Senator Richard J. Gordon expressed hope that the bigger motorcycle plates bill will be signed into law soon because it will obviate crimes perpetrated by motorcycle-riding criminals.

Gordon, who chairs the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights, cited as example the assassination of businessman Dominic Sytin, who was gunned down outside the Lighthouse Hotel inside the Subic Freeport Zone last week, with the unidentified gunman fleeing on board a motorcycle without a plate number and with the identification marks scraped.

"Kahit anong higpit sa Subic, na-execute pa din ang assassination kasi plinano it. Iniscrape yung motorsiklo of any identification marks, tapos walang plate number. Our law will obviate that. Dun sa batas natin, kapag ninakaw ang plate number mo, you have to report that within 48 hours. Huhuhulihin din kapag ibinyahe ng walang plate number ang motorsiklo. Another case din pag ini-scrape," he said.

Gordon said Sytin is but the latest victim in a series of killings over the years where business people, politicians, newsmen, activists and ordinary citizens were felled by bullets with seeming ease and impunity, hence the need to take a bite out of crimes through Senate Bill No. 1397 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act of 2017, which had already passed on third and final reading on both Houses of Congress and for which a bicameral conference committee had been set this week.

"Criminals on board motorcycles have really become so brazen and fearless that they execute their crimes at anytime and anywhere. It is high time that we take a bit out of these crimes committed with impunity by imposing bigger plate numbers on motorcycles so that riding-in-tandems will no longer get away easily after committing a crime. I am hoping that the bicameral conference will go smoothly so that we can transmit the enrolled bill to Malacanang as soon as possible for signing into law by President Rodrigo R. Duterte," he said.

Sytin was the founder and chief officer of United Auctioneers Inc., an industrial auction company based in the Subic Freeport Zone and was also a part owner of the ACEA Subic Bay resort.

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