Press Release
November 28, 2018

Sponsorship Speech at the Commission of Appointments
for the Confirmation of DFA Sec. Teodoro Locsin Jr.
and 47 Foreign Service Officers

by Senator Panfilo M. Lacson
28 November 2018

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Mr. Chairman, fellow members of the Commission on Appointments. A few minutes ago, this representation as Chairman of your Committee on Foreign Affairs, presided over a public hearing to deliberate on the ad interim appointment of the HON. TEODORO 'TEDDYBOY' LOCSIN, JR. as the Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Always the maverick, quick-witted, and acerbic -- never dull and never ordinary - yun bang nang-iinsulto at nanlalait na masarap pa rin pakinggan at excited ka pang marinig ang mga susunod na sasabihin.

Most popularly known as Teddy Boy, the appointee has distinguished himself with the credentials and qualifications befitting someone who should be at the helm of the Department of Foreign Affairs. Irrepressible, articulate, very independent-minded and extraordinarily prolific in writing.

Rightly so, not too long ago, this same body unanimously and decisively confirmed his appointment as the Philippines' Permanent Representative to the United Nations. In such a short stint as ambassador until he was personally chosen by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to be the country's top diplomat, he effectively made his mark within the high-brow milieu of the international community of nations.

Sec. Teddy Boy gained his acuity from his career as a journalist for three decades. An incurable bookworm, he was the publisher of the Philippines Free Press, and the national broadsheets Daily Globe and Today. He used to host Teditorial, Assignment, and Points of View on TV. He was also co-anchor of radio programs Executive Session and Karambola.

A coveted lawyer educated in Ateneo de Manila University and Harvard Law School, he served with dedication the Philippine government in various capacities, from being presidential counsel and spokesperson, to being speechwriter who penned rousing speeches of at least three Presidents of the Republic. He was also elected for three terms as Representative of the First District of Makati City. He was nominated twice to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, which nominations he both declined.

As Secretary of Foreign Affairs, we all agree that he will bring his own brand of diplomacy, one that represents the true value of an independent foreign policy enshrined in our Constitution.

I dare say this without mental reservation. If he pulls off and succeeds in the present endeavors which he is currently occupied with, with nary a constitutional challenge but that would catapult the Philippines into the league of rich, influential and economically powerful nations, we may now be confirming a future President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Mr. Chairman, it is my distinct privilege and honor to move that the Commission give its consent to the confirmation of TEODORO "TEDDY BOY" LOCSIN, JR. as Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

I so move, Mr. Chair.


Mr. Chairman, it is likewise my honor and privilege to move for the confirmation of the Commission the ad interim appointments of 47 senior ... of the Department of Foreign Affairs to the rank of Chief of Mission, Class I, namely:

1. Ms. Celia Anna Mallari Feria*
2. Ms. Maria Fe Tanabe Pangilinan*

I so move, Mr. Chairman.

I also recommend to this august body the confirmation of the ad interim appointments of the following Officials of the Department to the rank of Chief of Mission, Class II:

1. Mr. Marshall Louis Macabale Alferez*
2. Mr. Elmer Gozun Cato
3. Mr. Giovanni Endencia Palec
4. Mr. Ezzedin Hamdi Tago

I so move, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Chairman, I also recommend to the Commission the confirmation of the ad interim appointments of the following Career Ministers:

1. Mr. Christopher Patrick Topacio Aro*
2. Mr. Raul Hora Dado
3. Ms. Maria Anna Lilia Luague De Vera*
4. Mr. Gines Jaime Ricardo Dacanay Gallaga*
5. Mr. Jesus Enrique Guanzon Garcia II*
6. Mr. Melchor Perez Lalunio Jr.*
7. Mr. Voltaire Dela Cruz Mauricio*

Mr. Chairman, I also recommend to this august body the confirmation of the ad interim appointments of the following Foreign Service Officers, Class I:

1. Mr. Winston Dean Siscon Almeda*
2. Mr. Gabriel Romero Bautista
3. Mr. Dennis John Cruz Briones*
4. Ms. Ma. Carmela Teresa Abella Cabreira*
5. Mr. Aian Almirañez Caringal
6. Mr. Jose Luzanta Garcia III*
7. Mr. Ryan Francis De Leon Gener
8. Mr. Joselito Chad Nalus Jacinto, Jr.*
9. Mr. Lorenzo Rhys Garrucho Jungco IV
10. Ms. Querobine Deapera Laccay *
11. Ms. Rea Galanao Oreta*
12. Ms. Ma. Corina Apostol Reyes*
13. Ms. Judy Barbara Guiang Robianes*
14. Mr. Jeffrey Peñamante Salik*
15. Mr. Paulo Velasco Saret*
16. Ms. Cassandra Karemaeh Bahjin Sawadjaan*

Finally, Mr. Chairman, I also recommend to this august body the confirmation of the ad interim appointments of the following Foreign Service Officers, Class II:

1. Ms. Sharon Johnnette Macalalad Agduma*
2. Ms. Kristine Fronda Bautista*
3. Mr. Jan Kenneth Eduarte Bolante
4. Ms. Joyce Marison Marasigan Camacho*
5. Ms. Luningning Golong Camoying*
6. Mr. Andre Peter Cabuay Estanislao*
7. Ms. Cecille Joyce Yap Lao*
8. Ms. Andrea Boongaling Leycano*
9. Ms. Monika Kamille Bacani Limpo*
10. Mr. Francis Maynard Sarmiento Maleon*
11. Mr. Glenn Joseph Quinlantang Obach*
12. Ms. Rowena Rivera Pangilinan-Daquipil*
13. Ms. Khrystina Corpuz Popov*
14. Ms. Fatima Guzman Quintin*
15. Mr. Robert Diclas Quintin*
16. Ms. Ira Micheline Reyes Valdez*
17. Mr. Jeffrey Angelo Valdez*
18. Mr. Jan Sherwin Perez Wenceslao*


* Career officers with waiver of personal appearance as they are already serving abroad

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