Press Release
November 23, 2018

Statement on the recent arrest of Chinese workers involved in illegal online gambling

The review of our laws, the enforcement system and the coordination of agencies involved when it comes to regulating the influx of foreign workers in our country have become very urgent. It appears that despite our earlier calls on the concerned agencies, reports on increasing presence of illegal Chinese workers, especially in Metro Manila, has not been addressed.

It is equally important also for our government to be vigilant in keeping our country free from the scourge of illegal online gambling.

The latest sting operation only shows how bad the problem has become and it is incumbent upon our government to exert every effort possible to prevent this activity from proliferating in our shores.

These issues along with other current problems affecting our workers will be the subject of our Committee on Labor inquiry next week.

We strongly believe there is a dire need to strengthen legislation and enforcement to stop illegal online gambling and proliferation of illegal Chinese workers that shamelessly robbed our own people jobs.

Our country's labor laws and immigration rules must be clear and strictly enforced.

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