Press Release
November 14, 2018

Accepted SFNP amendments to rice tariffication bill

Other proposed amendments were already made by Senators Drilon and Recto.

1. Page 10, Line 11, after the word terminated, include the line: "The Cocofam shall utilize the increase or decrease in farmers' incomes as a primary benchmark in determining the effectiveness of the interventions under the program and its possible extension."

2. Page 12, Line 28, after the period, "The increase or decrease of farmers' incomes shall be the primary benchmark in granting their interventions."

We just would like to emphasize that the interventions should in the end lead to better incomes of our farmers. Otherwise, what is the point of putting all these interventions when our farmers remain poor. And the best determinant of whether or not the interventions are effective is if they are earning more.

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