Press Release
November 8, 2018

Villanueva's statement on NTC bidding for 3rd telco

I commend the NTC under the leadership of Commissioner Cordoba for facilitating the selection and encouraging the entry of a new major telecommunications provider. I am hoping that their entry will bring competition to the sector and will improve the quality of telecommunications services in the country.

The entry of a new major player augurs well with our Telecommuting Act or Work from Home Bill that allows work flexibility in the private sector through the use of modern technologies. We expect that the entry of a third telco player will boost competition and lead to an upgrade of our existing internet infrastructure so our employees could soon afford an option to work efficiently under our proposed flexible work arrangement.

Hopefully, the NTC will ensure that the third telco player fulfill its commitment. It is a commitment not only to the government, but more importantly to the Filipino consumers who deserve the best possible service that is available in the industry at the lowest possible cost.

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