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October 29, 2018

Las Piñas alternate routes to cut travel time for Holiday traffic rush - Villar

Traffic in major thoroughfares in Las Piñas and neighboring towns and cities is expected to ease in time for the Holiday season as the second phase of the Las Piñas and fourth phase of the Zapote River Drives road projects were opened to motorists.

Sen. Cynthia A. Villar and daughter Camille Villar led the inauguration of the partially completed Phase 2 of the Las Piñas River Drive, a 600-meter road connecting the CAA Bridge to Manuela 4B.

It will pass through the Villanueva, Dela Cruz and Batibot compounds, through the Daimar Subdivision and end at Manuela 4B. Once completed, the entire 1.2 kilometers Phase 2 of the road project will cover the foot of the CAA Bridge up to the Carmella 3D Bridge.

The first phase of the undertaking spanned 1.7 kilometres and covered Navas Road and passed through the Doña Julita Subdivision to the C5 Extension Road. The Las Piñas River Drive projects seeks to provide homeowners and travellers and alternate route connecting the CAA Bridge to the C5 Extension Road and take motorists away from the busy roadways of the city.

The Villars likewise opened the 1.2 kilometer Phase 4 of the Zapote River Drive, which cuts through the Manuela Subdivision, the Samanta Village, the Christianville Subdivision in TALON 5, and across Soldiers Hills 2 and Almanza 1 subdivisions. Phase 3 of the road undertaking was inaugurated last year, which covered a full kilometre of flood control structures and improvements from Pegasus St., Moonwalk, Talon 5 to M. Alvarez Ave.The Phase 1 of the road project started at Brgy. Zapote all the way to Margie Moran Street to Pegasus Street in Moonwalk Village. The Zapote River Drive road project is expected to cut the travel time to and from the City of Las Piñas by 30 percent, and at the same time address flooding concerns plaguing the city government.

Sen. Villar expressed hope that with the opening of the alternate routes, motorists will get faster to their destinations, especially with the beginning of the Holiday season.

"We would like to express our gratitude to the DPWH for helping the city government in addressing the worsening traffic situation in Las Piñas. The residents of Las Piñas will now have a shorter and more convenient travel time to their destinations," the senator said.

The Villars were joined by city government officials and homeowners of private properties traversed by the public roads.

They were likewise accompanied by the Zapote Elementary School and Almanza Elementary School drum and lyre bands.

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