Press Release
October 9, 2018

Senate okays bill establishing career guidance, counselling program for high school studes

The Senate has passed on third and final reading a bill seeking to establish a career guidance and counseling program for all secondary schools nationwide.

House Bill 5576 seeks to equip high school students with the capability to make educated career decisions and expose them to relevant labor markets.

Senator Chiz Escudero, chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, Arts and Culture, said the passage of the proposed legislation into law would ensure that graduates of tertiary education would meet the requirements of the government, the industry and the economy.

Under the bill, a National Secondary Schools Career Guidance and Counselling Program (CGCP) will be implemented in all private and public schools nationwide starting with the Grade 7 level. The CGCP, to be administered by the Department of Education (DepED), will be a prerequisite for senior high school students before graduation.

According to the bill, the CGCP center in all secondary schools will be headed by the school administrator and assisted by a trained career and employment guidance counselor.

The DepED, through the National Education Testing and Research Center, shall conduct an annual assessment of students in the appropriate level to assess their aptitude, skill or inclination, the bill said.

The assessment will serve as guides for the students in choosing their career path, the bill added. "The total progress and development of the youth plays a very important role in nation building. It is achieved through a consistent and significant educational system that begins with the career guidance for the youth at the secondary level," Escudero said.

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