Press Release
October 5, 2018

Statement of opposition senators on the 6.7% September Inflation Rate

Prices of goods have continued to go up in the past month with a 6.7% inflation rate last September. Still, the administration insists this is not a problem. Economic managers have no intention of suspending the second round of fuel excise taxes despite gas prices reaching P60 per liter. The promised unconditional cash transfer -- a palliative that in itself is enough only for a handful of meals -- has not been fully or properly implemented.

Clearly, now is a time of solutions -- concrete, immediate, and devoid of the usual politicking. We propose that government make rice available to all. Do away with the exorbitant NFA retailers' fees for the sale of NFA rice in the supermarkets. Stop the implementation of the second tranche of fuel excise tax. Release and raise the government cash transfers. Hear the proposal to lower VAT to 10%. Investigate all allegations of official misconduct and hold the corrupt accountable.

When the national house is burning, our people need leaders who can stop the fire, or to show them the way to safety -- not leaders whose priority is to sow intrigue and hurl insults.

We need a government that truly works; one that responds and addresses our needs -- not one whose idea of solving problems is to silence those who point it out. Enough paranoia, enough noise, enough distractions. Our people need a way out of this hardship, and they need it now.

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