Press Release
September 20, 2018


Akbayan Senator Risa hontiveros on Thursday re-affirmed the call for safer streets for women during a conference with the Institute for Politics and Governance (IPG) and the Senate Gender and Development Focal Point, which was held at the Brentwood Hotel in Quezon City.

The event was attended by various local government officials, and gave them the opportunity to share best practices and ask questions regarding the best way to craft and implement local legislation to protect gender rights.

"Sexual harassment is a real issue that many Filipinas still confront daily, and most often in the most public of places. Making our streets safer from harassment is not only desirable, it is a vital part of making our cities safer for everyone. Three in five women experience sexual harassment at least once in their lifetime. And the state has to do its part to ensure that women don't become victims. The Safe Streets and public Spaces Act is one way for us to respond," Hontiveros said.

The cities of Manila and Quezon City passed their own ordinances criminalizing cat calling, wolf whistling and other forms of a street harassment. Senator Hontiveros lauded the efforts and said that they could serve as models for other cities to follow.

For its part, Attorney Maria Valentina Cruz of the Senate Gender and Development Focal Point expressed support for the Safe Streets Bill. "We welcome and fully support this measure, and we welcome all measures that uphold and support women's rights and welfare," she said.

Hontiveros is the chairperson of the Senate committee on Women, Children, and Family Relations.

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