Press Release
September 17, 2018

Sen. JV seeks to create the Department of Disaster and Emergency Management

IN the aftermath of typhoon "Ompong" which tore through Northern Luzon over the weekend, We should immediately pass my Senate Bill No. 1553, which sought for the creation of the Department of Disaster and Emergency Management.

I filed this bill after super typhoon "Yolanda," which brought sever calamities to our countrymen, exposed the gaps in policies of the government in terms of disaster preparedness, mitigation, and response and rehabilitation.

Because of the most recent calamity and destruction, all the more it is timely to pursue this measure considering that calamities of this magnitude are now becoming a norm. Preparedness is the key.

The Department of Disaster and Emergency Management shall function as the focal agency for disaster and emergency management, which includes disaster preparedness, response and mitigation, and risk reduction.

The department shall also lead in consolidating and integrating the relief and rehabilitation efforts of the government and shall also strengthen the capacity of local government units in responding to disaster and emergencies.

I believe that through the creation of a single department in-charge of managing the effects of disaster and emergencies as well as the preparedness and mitigation phases, effective processes, and policies shall be developed and a sustainable resources and accountability are likewise established.

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