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September 12, 2018

Arangkada Forum

Question: ..very strong statement. They are opposed to a lot of the measures inside the TRABAHO specifically on the removal of some incentives for PEZA, what is the position of the Senate? We know that you will be meeting on Sept. 25 on this?

Sen. Grace Poe: I am not sure about the particular day that we are meeting, but definitely it's one of the things that will be taken up in the Senate. Of course as a lawmaker we need to be able to see the pros and the cons. But right now, especially with what's happening with inflation and they're saying and attributing some fault to TRAIN 1 and also certain social mitigating measures were not rolled out from TRAIN 1; I don't know if it's time for us to actually consider TRAIN 2. There are so many things going on that we need to prioritize before this.

Q: How would you gauge the support for this? Senator Gatchalian was speaking earlier, he said he is all for it but they have to change some of the provisions so that it doesn't cause any job losses, but the JFC they're warning that it will actually cause job losses in its current state. Do you think there's strong support? What have your colleagues said about this?

Poe: A lot of my fellow Senators are actually quite apprehensive about it, especially at this time. But I think it's our job to really read the provisions and if we have to, introduce amendments or object to it, but definitely with one thing in mind, will it actually help the economy or will it worsen the current situation?

Q: Have you been able to read the TRABAHO bill?

Poe: Not yet, not the version that they finished in the House. There are certain things that we know will be a part of the provisions but the actual one that they submitted in the House, I have yet to go through it.

Q: Thank you very much.

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