Press Release
September 11, 2018

Recto: No need for a regime change, only a refocusing of government priorities

People should rally behind the President and let him finish a term he won fair and square. There is no need for a regime change, only a refocusing of government priorities. It must re-pivot to the gut issues of jobs, prices, income.

Criticisms are par for the course. The mandate to serve comes with constant exposure to criticisms. The best way to handle them is to treat them as advice on how to govern better and not to dismiss them outright as destabilization moves.

Extremism in defense of one's position does not encourage productive civil discourse. When the message is blurred by a tit-for-tat of coarse language, the free exchange of ideas hampers democratic dialogue needed to forge public policy.

I expect his speech to be similar to Waze, that will guide us out of the many problems that we confront today.

We need to have a map that will guide us forward, that will show us the fastest way and the shortest route to our objectives, one that avoids costly detours and unneeded distractions.

We need him to provide a national direction we can all agree with. He steers, and there will be no lack of rowers, if the course is clear to all of us.

The speech should be premised on the admission that problems do exist, especially in the economy. We can only arrive at a catalogue of solutions if we first list the inventory of problems.

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