Press Release
September 11, 2018

Dispatch from Crame No. 380:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima's Statement on the Announced National Address of the President: This is not the time for gimmicks


Through his Spokesperson, Pres. Duterte announced yesterday that he will address the nation today, at 3:00 pm. This announcement comes at the heels of his allegations against the opposition that there are efforts to topple his presidency, as well as his attempt to justify his persecution of Sen. Trillanes.

Our country is undergoing a crisis.

The prices of basic commodities are soaring at record levels without any significant international crisis on which it can reasonably be blamed. Unemployment and underemployment are also on the rise. PAGASA is now warning us of potential super typhoons about to enter our area of responsibility this week.

Now is not the time for the President to play politics.

Now is the time for the President to respect and uphold the Constitution.

Now is the time for the President to at least attempt to govern.

If the President elects to serve his paranoia, or to cover up his negligence or abuses, by using his platform today to attack the political opposition, he will have revealed to our nation and to the world that he is not our leader; that he does not serve the interests of our people, only his own. Any attempt to shift the focus of the national conversation away from our failing economy will just be cheap gimmicks to distract us from holding him and his administration accountable for the dire situation that we are in now.

A true leader worth his salt would have nothing else on his mind at this moment except to fix the economy, to improve the lives of our countrymen, and protect the poor and the vulnerable members of our society. Such a leader need not fear any uprising for he will have performed the duties of his office with a clear conscience of a dutiful statesman and public servant.

The Filipinos have no use for yet another nationally broadcasted meanderings of a madman. Our country wants to know that our President is doing something other than politicking. We demand and deserve a President who will serve and work for our people.

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