Press Release
September 3, 2018

Dispatch from Crame No. 372:
Sen. Leila M. De Lima's Statement on Atty. Ibarra "Barry" Gutierrez representing the petitioners-senators before the Supreme Court on PH withdrawal from the Rome Statute / ICC

Since I was denied the opportunity to appear and argue the ICC withdrawal case before the Supreme Court, Atty. Ibarra "Barry" Gutierrez III will instead argue on behalf of the petitioners-senators at the resumption of the Oral Arguments tomorrow, Tuesday.

Atty. Gutierrez is a veteran of several oral arguments before the Court. His representation of progressive causes in cases before the Supreme Court has distinguished him as one of today's staunchest defenders of freedom and human rights.

We are confident that he will be more than able to articulate the senators' opposition to Duterte's withdrawal from the Rome Statute / ICC.

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