Press Release
August 28, 2018

Statement of Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan, on ICC case before the Supreme Court

We have been informed only at this afternoon's oral arguments that the Supreme Court denied the MR we filed last Thursday asking that Sen. Leila be allowed to present our arguments against the ICC withdrawal via teleconference.

CJ De Castro, before the end of this afternoon's session, said the Justices have taken note of our manifestation* and request our decision on sending a counsel for oral arguments by Monday so they can prepare for Tuesday's hearings.

The technology already exists to respond to the security concerns the Court raised on having Sen. Leila argue our case. A favorable decision would've upheld Sen Leila's fundamental right to speak for herself while addressing the unjust situation of granting Christmas, birthday, and graduation furloughs to other persons charged with non-bailable offenses. But while regrettable, we abide by the Court's decision.

*"In view of the Honorable Court's Resolution this morning denying Petitioners-Senators' Motion for Reconsideration dated 22 August 2018, Petitioners-Senators respectfully move that they be given until the next session of the oral arguments within which to decide on an appropriate course of action on the issue of their representation in these proceedings."

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