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August 25, 2018

Villanueva: Tech-voc carries full potential to deliver more, better jobs

In celebration of National Tech-voc Day in accordance with Republic Act No. 10970 declaring August 25 of every year as National Tech-Voc Day, Senator Joel Villanueva emphasized how the observance of the said occasion paves the way in uplifting the dignity of blue-collar workers.

Villanueva, principal author and sponsor of the law, reiterated the importance of promoting tech-voc in the creation of more jobs and in achieving inclusive growth and sustainable development.

"Today, we give recognition to our tech-voc graduates and skilled workers who are living proof that there is hope and success in the field of tech-voc. Our Filipino skilled workers have consistently shown themselves that we are employable, competitive, and world-class," Villanueva said.

The senator, however, lamented the current perception on tech-voc as a "second-rate" profession.

"It is possible to change this perception because more and more Filipinos see that blue-collar jobs offer some real advantages, there are jobs available for tech-voc graduates and oftentimes the pay is even greater than white collar work," Villanueva shared.

The senator said that through an effective information campaign, expansion of scholarship programs at the barangay level, private sector engagement, quality-assured systems, together with the implementation of the Philippine Qualifications Framework or PQF, more Filipinos will change their outlook about tech-voc.

"It is very clear to us that tech-voc plays a key role in realizing both universal right to education and to work, people-oriented and socially responsible community, and the full potential to deliver more and better jobs. However, many challenges will persist if the "tech-voc lang" mentality remains," Villanueva further noted.

"We are one with the tech-voc sector in celebrating a special day that recognizes the hard work, challenges, and successes of our Filipino skilled workers and graduates. Thank you for being our source of pride and inspiration. Mabuhay po kayo!"

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