Press Release
August 14, 2018


First, the public must be informed as regards the facts and data that led the Metro Manila Council (MMC) to conclude that a ban on single-passenger vehicles in EDSA could reduce traffic all throughout Metro Manila.

What makes them so absolutely sure that their proposal will work? What was the result of the trial conducted in December last year? Was it effective? Did it considerably reduce traffic?

Second, where will the 70 percent of those who traverse EDSA on a daily basis be re-routed? They better make sure that the inner city and barangay roads, as well as the main thoroughfares aside from EDSA, all around Metro Manila can handle the affected motorists. If not, we will just be replicating the horrors of EDSA traffic everywhere. Third, they should have considered the composition of the 70 percent of EDSA motorists to be affected--they are probably the working solo parents, parents who have to drop their kids along their way to work, spouses who live in the same city but work in different cities, young professionals or workers who cannot afford to hire their own drivers and yet are required to be on time in their offices.

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