Press Release
August 9, 2018

Dispatch from Crame No. 359:
Sen. Leila M. de Lima's statement on Mocha Uson's incompetence and arrogance


I'm against federalism and charter change, of any shape or form. It's an absolute NO for me to these major constitutional and structural overhauls. Not under the current social and political milieu. Not under this crooked regime.

That's the reason why save for a few benign comments, I'm relatively quiet on the matter. I refuse to be drawn into debates or discourses into the merits of this fake federalism. Not even on the issue of ConAss, as the government's preferred mode, and the sub-issue of joint versus separate voting by both houses of Congress.

And that's why, up until today, I was also keeping mum about the latest brouhaha courtesy of Mocha Uson. In a previous dispatch from Crame, Dispatch No. 85 written on 16 May 2017, I cautioned against passing judgment about Ms. Uson and against slut-shaming her. I guess I was willing to give her the benefit of doubt, for her to prove herself and her fitness as a public official.

All for naught. What she has shown and proven is her incorrigibility as a premier purveyor of fake news and her gross incompetence. And now she's exhibiting crass arrogance. Unable to defend her utterly tasteless "promotion" of federalism, she has turned the table on the Senators critical of her blunders.

But really, what did we expect?

When the President hires such a controversial figure as his propagandist and mouthpiece to the masses, and now deployed for his flagship federalism project, what did we really expect? More appropriately, when we elected a local warlord raised in the country's backwater culture that molded today's geriatric bigots and misogynists, really, what did we expect?

Mocha Uson and Duterte are a perfect match for their sort. In as much as Mocha represents all that is vulgar and backward in our culture, Duterte represents WHY we continue to have this culture. Mocha and Duterte complete each other, like a flush to a toilet, except that this one works the opposite way. That explains the bad smell in this country today.

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