Press Release
August 6, 2018


Several agencies are getting deep cuts in their budget in the proposed appropriations for 2019: DA (from P61 billion to P55 billion); DSWD (from P141.8 billion to P136.6 billion); DepEd (from P553 billion to P498 billion); and DOH (from P107 billion to P71 billion). This is happening at a time when hunger incidence and food prices are soaring. While these agencies will suffer a slash, the PCOO will be gifted by a P100-million raise.

The PCOO must justify its budget increase. What are the deliverables? Are memes and blogs also hit by inflationary spikes? Is the cost of feeding the nation with government information adversely affected by TRAIN, too? Will the PCOO be hiring campaigners to explain federalism?

The obliterated amount from some agencies will hit hard the people, who badly need social services. What will sustain them are education, affordable food, health services and social assistance, not gaffes and reckless communication campaigns.

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