Press Release
August 3, 2018


Senator Sonny Angara has vowed to ensure the passage of the bill that seeks to provide universal health care for all Filipinos, as envisioned by his father, the late Senate President Edgardo Angara.

The older Angara is known as the "father" of the National Health Insurance Program, which gave birth to the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth), the government agency responsible for providing health insurance coverage to Filipinos.

"This endeavor is especially close to my heart since my father was the author of the law that created PhilHealth. Tinagurian siyang Ama ng Philhealth.

"Decades ago, he already saw the difficulty of ordinary Filipinos in meeting the costs of healthcare. Strengthening this institution to cater to every Filipino family was perhaps one of his life-long commitments and dreams. I can only be proud to continue his mission," Senator Angara said in his sponsorship speech.

Under Senate Bill 1896, all Filipinos shall be automatically included in the National Health Insurance Program, and shall be entitled to appropriate, affordable, and quality health services including free check-ups, laboratory tests and medicines.

Two weeks before Angara's co-sponsorship of the measure, acting PhilHealth president Dr. Roy Ferrer led the agency in paying tribute to the late Senate President, who was behind Republic Act 7875 or the National Health Insurance Act of 1995.

Ferrer thanked the older Angara for creating Philhealth, which now covers 97 million Filipinos, representing 93% of the country's entire population, making it a centerpiece program of the government.

Ferrer said that through the older Angara's wisdom, "the nation now has a program that secures the health of Filipinos wherever they may be."

"More importantly, the less privileged Filipinos now feel empowered to seek medical treatment without having to worry about the medical bills," Ferrer added.

The PhilHealth chief said he is confident the younger Angara will "continue to support and initiate legislative measures to further enhance the access of our fellow Filipinos to quality healthcare."

"On behalf of the PhilHealth community and the 97 million Filipinos that have benefitted from the NHI Act of 1995, thank you Senator Ed for this impactful program. It has touched the hearts of Filipinos in ways only a person in dire need of financial assistance during a medical necessity will understand. It is your legacy and we will make it prosper just as you envisioned it to be," Ferrer said.

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