Press Release
July 30, 2018

Transcript of Sen. Grace Poe's Co-Sponsorship Speech
On Anti-Political Dynasty bill

Mr. President, I rise today to co-sponsor and show my full support for Senate Bill 1765 under Committee Report 367, or "An Act Prohibiting Political Dynasties, Providing Penalties Therefor, and for Other Purposes." My Senate Bill 1137 is integrated into and part of the consolidated bill.

Mr. President, it is common knowledge that from the largest province to the smallest barangay, there is a political family that has entrenched itself by undergoing a rigodon of public office every few years.

Our country has been called an "Anarchy of Families." Pero sa totoo, I think politics in our country is more like a game of "Trip to Jerusalem"--si Mayor ay makikipagpalit kay Governor, si Board Member ay magiging Congressman. And in doing so, the circle of available "seats" gets smaller every election cycle.

This institutional design has unfortunate consequences. First, it leads to the concentration of decision-making powers in the hands of a few families. Sila-sila na lang ang nagde-desisyon. This leads to a culture of palakasan where preferential treatment is given to people who are close to those in power. The net result is the degradation of public services and the underdevelopment of our country.

Mr. President, hindi ko sinasabi na masama ang lahat ng political dynasties. Punung-puno ang ating kasaysayan ng mga apelyido ng mga Pilipino na nag-ambag sa ating bayan. Where would our country be without the leadership of the Osmeñas, Magsaysays, Rectos, and even the Sottos of generations past?

These are good names to remember in public service. Let me state, however, that political dynasties constrict political and economic power in the hands of a few. This is a disservice to a country that is as geographically and culturally diverse as ours. How can a handful of families represent a country of 106 million Filipinos, who speak eight major languages, and who reside in 1,634 different cities and municipalities, based on the latest DILG report?

Higit pa, dahil sa mga political families, hindi nakakaupo sa gobyerno ang mga pinakamagaling at pinakamatalinong mga Pilipino. Maraming Pilipino ang gustong maglingkod, pero hindi kaya dahil "reserved" na ang mga puwesto para sa kapatid, anak o asawa ng pulitiko.

Mr. President, we have a choice today. We can stick to the status quo or we can take a step toward greater political and economic inclusion by immediately passing this measure.

Maraming salamat po.

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