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July 30, 2018

Drilon: Anti-political dynasty law key to BOL success

Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon on Monday called for a speedy enactment of the anti-political dynasty law in order to ensure the success of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

"Our nation's dream for a stable and progressive Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao will fail unless we adopt an anti-political dynasty law that will be in place before a Bangsamoro government is installed," Drilon said in his co-sponsorship speech on Senate Bill 1765, which seeks to prohibit political dynasty.

"We are not optimistic of good governance in the Bangsamoro region unless a strong and clear anti-dynasty provision is included in the measure," he said.

Drilon shared concerns that tremendous power and resources devolved to the Bangsamoro government may only empower and strengthen political kingpins and warlords in the region.

He said it can be prevented by enacting an anti-political dynasty law: "The further empowerment of the political kingpins and warlords cited by civic leader and former finance secretary Ramon Del Rosario Jr. need not wait for a federal system to be installed in a new constitution."

"It is right before us, with the ratification and effectivity of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL), we can indeed prevent further empowerment of political kingpins and warlords," Drilon said.

Within the context of public finance, Drilon said that political dynasty breeds conflicts of interest and weakens accountability and auditing mechanisms that are supposed to police the behavior of public officials, especially in managing resources.

"The regulation of political dynasties, therefore, is consistent with the aspiration in the country for a more inclusive society, a fairer and more competitive political process, and a more balanced and inclusive political development," Drilon stressed.

He added: "The time for debate is over. Thirty-one years ago, the Filipino people mandated us in Congress to enact an anti-political dynasty law. It is time for us to act now. Let us pass Senate Bill 1765 now."

"We can rightfully equate good governance, progress, and peace not only in the Bangsamoro but in the entire country, with the speedy enactment of Senate Bill 1765," Drilon added.

"I did not succeed in including an anti-political dynasty provision in the BOL. This time, I hope to succeed. I hope this chamber will approve this bipartisan support," said Drilon.

The minority leader fought for an inclusion of an anti-political dynasty in the BOL but was prevailed upon.

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