Press Release
July 16, 2018


The people are caught in a tug-of-war between two extremes. One demanding that we approve it without thinking. The other to reject it outright.

I take the centrist view of giving the Concom's product the courtesy of a thorough study, subject it to intense debate, so that we can all make an informed choice.

A document as important as the basic law should be rigorously studied, and not railroaded. I will block any Cha-cha express, especially one driven by people with expiring terms and fuelled by selfish interest.

There is no palpable popular clamor for a new Constitution, and neither there is proof that a brand new one is the magical cure-all to the country's manifold problems.

As it stands now, the man on the street is perplexed on how Cha-cha can be the answer to the problems he grapples with daily, like the rising prices of food, poor infrastructure, the lack of jobs, pollution and a health system that can barely take care of the sick.

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