Press Release
June 21, 2018

Sen. Leila M. de Lima's statement on the SC decision upholding the ouster of Chief Justice Sereno

The denial of CJ Sereno's motion for reconsideration by the Supreme Court seals the reputation of the present Court as one that is not only not able to defend the Constitution, but moreso as one that is most capable of violating it.

No amount of legalese can justify a reinterpretation of the constitutional provisions on the protection of impeachable officials from ordinary disciplinary and removal proceedings. Every law student and lawyer knows this before eight (8) justices decided they can get away being accuser and judge by mutilating the law until it has already become unrecognizable.

From hereon, our Constitution has become a mere scrap of paper, a garbage. This is what this present period of our contemporary history will be known for, together with all the men and women who chose to side with the tyrant with their own tyranny of numbers in order to put an end to the rule of law.

After this SC decision that has trashed the rule of law and every basic principle of fair play, the SC has become just another building at Padre Faura that symbolizes another fallen institution in Duterte's funeral pyre for truth, justice and democracy.

We are left with nothing anymore, except the choice to rebuild from the ashes and ruins this regime and its willing partners will leave us at the end of all their ignominious oppression and shameless impunity.

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