Press Release
June 12, 2018

Statement of Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan, Partido Liberal president, on Independence Day

We celebrate the 120th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Philippine Independence amid stark challenges and abiding aspirations as a nation, particularly the blatant violations to our territory and our resources, and consequently to our rights as a free people.

Not since World War II have we faced such a serious threat to our sovereignty, to the very definition of who we are, to our very existence and survival as a country.

Ngayong Araw ng Kalayaan, naghahanap ng kasagutan ang mga tanong na ito: Duyan tayo ng magiting, sumpa natin ay hindi tayo pasisiil pero bakit tila alipin umasta sa harap ng China ang mga namumuno? Bakit nila isinasantabi ang mga pangangailangan ng ating mga kababayang mangingisda? Nasaan ang pagtupad sa sinumpaang tungkuling pangalagaan at proteksyunan ang mga karapatan nating mamamayang pinagmumulan ng kanilang kapangyarihan?

Why are our leaders kowtowing to a neighbor at the expense of our own people, our own waters, our own self-respect?

Today, we remember our heroes, those who willingly gave their lives for the cause not just of nationhood, but more so the cause of self-determination toward a peaceful and prosperous society where citizens can freely and safely express their thoughts, religion, political beliefs; where workers and young people enjoy equal opportunities for growth; and where economic growth is felt especially by the poorest.

Today, we affirm our commitment to the same dream and stay the course.

Padayon, magiting na kapwa Pilipino at Pilipina!

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