Press Release
June 12, 2018


As the country marks the 120th Anniversary of the proclamation of Philippine Independence, Senator Richard J. Gordon called on Filipinos to work together to achieve the true independence that the brave men and women in history envisioned and fought for and that we, the citizens of the Philippines, continue to do so for our children, grandchildren and future generations to come.

"Today we mark our Independence Day. We must give recognition and honor to our heroes who sacrificed their lives for our country to be free from the colonial invaders. But we must also take time to ask ourselves, 'have we continued what they have started and worked hard for the Philippines to become truly independent?'" he said.

Gordon pointed out that after the wars - the World Wars and civil wars have ended, countries such as the United States, Korea, Israel, and Singapore, among others, became stronger nations, developing strong militaries and respected education systems after getting their independence.

"Other countries like Israel, they had to get their land back bit by bit and in 1948 when they got their independence, they were recognized by the UN. At hanggang ngayon they are still fighting for it. Hanggang ngayon lumalakas sila. Hangang ngayon lumalakas ang America, mula nung naging independent sila, mula nung nagka-civil war sila, lumakas sila, lumakas sila ng lumakas nung nagkarevolution sila. Nagka-World War I and World War II, palakas sila ng palakas. Hindi katulad natin na hindi talaga lumalakas. Ang Singapore, nirerespeto ang education nila. Ang kanilang Armed Forces, maliit na bayan lang yan gaya ng Israel, pero hindi mo basta ite-take for granted. Or for that matter, Korea," he said.

The senator added that to ensure that the sacrifices of our brave heroes would not be for naught, we should work hard to achieve economic development and strengthen our military so that the country could enjoy true independence and would be taken seriously.

"We should look at our neighbors' capability and look at our own intentions What is our national interest? Kaya ba nating ipagtanggol ang ating bansa? The struggle for independence is a struggle for Bagumbayan - a new country. Dr. Jose Rizal did not see it but he meant for us to build it. And if it's to be, it must be up to us," he said.

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