Press Release
June 12, 2018


We join the entire nation in celebrating our 120th Independence Day today.

The freedom that we achieved more than a century ago continues to inspire every Filipino.

It is a constant reminder that we belong to a race that is fearless and does not bow down to anyone.

However, in our present time, there is still a war that continues to curtail the freedom of so many Filipinos, the freedom to live a decent and prosperous life, because we have yet to overcome the country's biggest enemy: extreme poverty.

Despite the country's positive economic growth in recent years, millions of Filipinos still live in extreme poverty.

This is the kind of war that we continue to fight. It is a war that does not require the use of high caliber weapons, but a heart of compassion and caring for others.

We should not allow the dream of most of our countrymen to get out of poverty and live a good life to remain a dream.

If we were able unite to achieve independence from foreign invaders more than a hundred years ago, there is no reason for us not to join together again to bring each other to progress.

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