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June 11, 2018

Sen. Bam on the need for an opposition slate
(Transcript of Sen. Bam's ANC interview)

Q: Very briefly lang , malapit na tayong matapos. I know it's a bit early to talk about the 2019 elections pero pinag-uusapan ng maraming tao iyan, do you think this will be a major campaign issue? or should be a major campaign issue?

Sen. Bam: Ako, again, maraming issue in our 24-hour news cycle, Christian, alam mo naman ito issue ngayon bukas hindi. Ang issue ng presyo ng bilihin at TRAIN, issue iyan all the way until next year until there's action. My prediction is that at some point the government will have to act on this, iyan ang prediction ko administration and opposition. Isa itong napakatinding issue, hindi ito puwedeng isantabi lang. This is an issue that a lot of people are looking at, and I'm hoping by next year maybe before or during the campaign period government as a whole will act on this, we can work together and act on this issue for our country.

Q: How was the resistance lineup shaping up?

Sen. Bam: Wala pa, but I'm sure to tell you as soon as there are new names. Everyday there are more people saying that we need more people to be independent, to speak out on policies which are not good for the country, kailangan ng maraming tao na magsasalita and hopefully some of these people will end up in our opposition slate.

Q: Are you getting or considering former Chief Justice Sereno?

Sen. Bam: Actually sa totoo lang, if she wants to run, she should join in our slate but I haven't really talked to her about it.

Q: How about si outgoing Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales?

Sen. Bam: Why not? Alam mo kung mayroon kang mga tao na handang tumutol, handang magsalita, handang maging independent, palagay ko all of them will be good members of the opposition slate, kailangan namin iyon.

Q: Has Agot Isidro agreed?

Sen. Bam: Si Senator Pangilinan is the one talking to her, sa totoo lang I'm not really involved in drafting any of the people in the Senate slate so naririnig ko rin iyan. But again I'll go back to this, at a time when most everyone wants to remain quiet, karamihan gusto na lang tumahimik, karamihan natatakot magsalita, kailangan mo ng mga tao na handang tumindig, tumutol, at magsalita para sa taumbayan. Hopefully these will be the individuals that we will find in the opposition slate.

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