Press Release
June 9, 2018

Message of Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan on Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day

We celebrate today the long-standing friendship between the Filipino and Chinese peoples, as well as the contributions of Chinese-Filipinos to our national development.

The full integration of Chinese-Filipinos in our society is proof of our steady friendship borne out of the common experiences of our forefathers and our peoples in their drive for independence from foreign impositions.

Today, Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day, we are given the chance to revisit the fundamental bases of our relationship, one that is hallowed by our heroes and strengthened by our goals for our nations -- stability, prosperity, and the rule of law.

Countries can no longer rely on their own strengths. Challenges have become less daunting when we work together in unison with others. That is why we are always willing to work diplomatically with other nations to make better our society, improve our fortunes, and protect and preserve the one environment that we have.

This is the kind of solidarity that must go beyond our national borders. It is the kind of solidarity that all nations of goodwill must strive to fulfill.

On this special occasion, may our relationship continue to be based on mutual respect, harmony, fairness, and a firm commitment to the rule of law.

Happy Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day!

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