Press Release
May 30, 2018


My understanding also is that among the others who would like to raise questions, who would like to decide if we would proceed or defer our confirmation.

My manifestation is that there was a statement in the media, Mr Secretary, which I reviewed stating the contracts and presented by assets of your agency owned by Solicitor General Calida, were valid and that there is no need to look into the matter provided that you said you have a clarification unless there are complaints that are to be brought first to question the validity of his contracts.

If this is an accurate statement, Mr Secretary, perhaps in the next hearing, we ask this because perhaps the Secretary can review the matter further considering that it has been just a few days since this controversy erupted, for lack of a better term, and that more information will still be made available that will further enlighten, Mr. Secretary, regarding the controversy.

So, this is just a manifestation and perhaps at some time, he may make, he may respond. I have no objections, Mr. Chairman, to his confirmation given this Secretary's credentials and track record, I believe his appointment, is in fact, an inspired one. For the record, Mr. Speaker.

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