Press Release
May 15, 2018

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

SFMD: We are looking at the possibility of moving for a sense of the Senate resolution reiterating our legal position that it is the Senate acting, as an impeachment court, who can reomve impeachable officers.

Q: Kailan ipa-file itong reso na ito?

SFMD: I think it is being written around.

Q: On Sereno impeachment

SFMD: That is a very theoretical question. I think the leadership of the House of Representatives has said that they will not elevate it here. But the question is, can we convene the impeachment court without the complaint being elevated to us?

Q: Ano yung kumbaga inaasahan n'yo na impact ng resolution?

SFMD: Precisely to inform the Supreme Court of the sentiment of the Senate insofar as the legal issue is concerned.

Q: On whether Sereno can use the Senate resolution

SFMD: That's for the record of the Senate, if the Chief Justice will file it as part pleadings in the Supreme Court.

Q: Posible bang magkaroon ng constitutional crisis?

SFMD: There's no constitutional crisis. I don't think that the Chief Justice will insist on contiuing her position. I cannot imagine what a constitutional crisis is unless somebody describes it to me.

Q: If the House decides to push through with the impeachment?

SFMD: If the House of Representatives sends the impeachment complaint, then the positions of the House, then, is Sereno is not yet removed from office. When it gets here, we'll decide as a court whether or not the position of the House is correct. But that is a very theoretical question. I think what will happen is the House will archive the impeachment complaint.

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