Press Release
April 26, 2018

Statement of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan on Boracay closure

Boracay island is a tourist destination with a long coastline of soft, white sand beach. It is not a conflict area or a war zone.

Why is the government deploying over 600 personnel from the ranks of the police, armed forces, coast guard, Bureau of Fire Protection, and civic groups in Boracay island during its six-month closure? There are no terrorists or invaders in Boracay.

Meanwhile, China's aircraft freely landed on Mischief Reef recently even if the area is within our exclusive economic zone as ruled upon by the United Nations tribunal. Also, China has unveiled a monument in Fiery Cross Reef on Spratly Islands to mark its construction activities there -- an area also within our exclusive economic zone based on the same UN ruling, to which the government's response appears to be meek submission.

It is a shame that the administration is deploying the military, police, and the coast guard in Boracay while China has been blatantly trespassing in our territory and disrespecting our sovereignty.

The only threat to the Boracay island and its residents is the government that ordered Boracay's closure without a plan for the 36,000 people who will lose their jobs.

It is ironic that the government can express so much love to China's President Xi Jin Ping but can't be bothered to provide jobs for the displaced Boracay workers.

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