Press Release
April 20, 2018


Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros on Friday said that President Rodrigo Duterte has "thrown in the towel" and "surrendered" in the campaign against labor contractualization.

Hontiveros issued the statement after Duterte said that he will no longer issue an Executive Order (EO) to end labor contractualization and will just leave the matter to Congress.

"After much hemming and hawing, the President decided not to issue an EO against labor contractualization. President Duterte effectively threw in the towel in the fight against ENDO and abandoned the Filipino working class," Hontiveros said.

Hontiveros however said that she was not surprised by Duterte's 180-degree turn.

"Hindi nakakapagtaka ang pagsuko ng Presidente sa isyung ito. After all, this is the same President who waved the white flag in surrendering our sovereignty and territory to the Chinese, and who admitted that he cannot control the drug problem. Now, President Duterte capitulated to the lobby of those opposed to the creation and protection of regular jobs," Hontiveros stressed.

The opposition Senator said that she will ask her colleagues to swiftly deliberate and pass the Security of Tenure Bill pending before the Senate.

"With the President abandoning the Filipino workers, the Senate must pick up the fight against labor contractualization," Hontiveros asserted.

"It's time to end ENDO. It is time for a strong policy that will protect our workers from labor contractualization and other schemes that continue to deprive them of their full benefits," Hontiveros concluded.

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