Press Release
April 8, 2018


We join the Filipino nation in commemorating the Day of Valor and the Philippine Veterans' Week, and salute our veterans who exemplified true patriotism and gallantry for our democracy.

Time and again, we have faced challenges and threats that displayed genuine courage of the Filipinos--the soldiers in Marawi City, the SAF 44, peacekeepers, crime fighters, ordinary civilians who guard their communities.

And, there are those who are fighting not the enemies in the battlefield but hunger, poverty, homelessness, ignorance, greed, injustice.

History calls upon us to live out the same courage and bravery of our forefathers by doing our duties as channels of peace, builders of society, movers of economy and generators of ideas.

Let us forever be grateful to the Filipino veterans for our hard-won liberties, and let us not waver in our resolve to continue what they started.

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