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April 5, 2018

Zubiri urges Majority to pass the BBL on the Marawi siege anniversary

"I urge fellow Senators to participate in the deliberations of the Bangsamoro Basic Law so that Senate will be able to pass it before the anniversary of Marawi siege on May 23.Our target is for President Rodrigo Duterte to sign it before the 18th Congress," said Senator Juan Miguel F. Zubiri, chairman of the Sub-Committee on the Bangsamoro Basic Law.

"Wewill try to pass the BBL by the 23rd of May to have time enough for Bicameral Conference Committee work. We want to ratify it by the last week of work before Sine Die. If we end the period of interpellations by the 21st and tackle individual and committee amendments by the 22nd, then, we can approve it on third and final reading and ratify by the 23rd. So, i appeal to my colleagues to focus on the BBL. Peace is needed in our part of the country. The BBL is the final push that is needed to secure that elusive Peace."

"We are asking Malacañang to certify it as urgent so that members of the Majority in the Senate will be actively pushing for its approval."

"The destruction, mayhem and deaths are still fresh in our minds and still very palpable among Marawi residents. More than a thousand deaths and 350,000 fellow Filipinos who are now homeless and without livelihoodsare foremost in our minds. They represent the most vulnerable peoples in the Bangsamoro," Zubiri stressed on why he is eyeing May 23.

"In May 23 last year, the Maute group laid siege on Marawi city. The value of passing the BBL in time with the anniversary of the Marawi siege lies in the need for peace in Bangsamoro areas to assure that development proceeds at a good pace. That's why I requested the Office of the President to certify the BBL as urgent."

"Over P17 Billion were destroyed in properties including public infrastructure. However, the reconstruction bill is expected to be at the P150 billion mark as building better would be the norm in building infrastructure such as roads and bridges, power, water and other utilities,hospitals, schools and government offices. Likewise, planning and implementing new housing settlements and setting up livelihood incubators will be big ticket items. With our limited resources as a country, there is no room for waste, which would likely be if we don't pass the BBL."

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