Press Release
March 27, 2018

Statement of Partido Liberal President Sen. Kiko Pangilinan On the need for a genuine opposition in 2019 election

Democracy demands dissent. We need a strong opposition to ensure that our democracy remains vibrant. We hope to help build together the broadest coalition of groups and individuals united behind defending our freedoms and our civil and political rights. We hope this coalition is one in ensuring our economic development is not sidelined by corruption and human rights violations.

Resistance is our movement. We must vigorously resist the slide to authoritarianism and anti-democratic rule.

We will help in putting together a resistance coalition. Partido Liberal alone cannot achieve this. We will need to work with other groups and forces willing to unite and to resist extra-judicial killings and human rights abuses, the undermining of our sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea, and the continuing rise of prices of basic commodities, among others.

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