Press Release
March 26, 2018

2018 Lenten Message of Senate President Aquilino "Koko" Pimentel III

In behalf of the Senate of the Philippines, I join our countrymen in commemorating the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the salvation of mankind this Holy Week. I wish all our countrymen safe travels as they visit loved ones to reaffirm their faith in this holiest of times.

The message of Lent is selflessness for the benefit of all. As we reflect on the passion of Jesus Christ, let us all seek to emulate his example and ponder on ways to serve the country and our people better. May our thoughts and prayers direct us to concrete ways of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life for all our countrymen.

We are at a crossroads. Change has come, and about to enter its second year. Much has been done, yet there is much more that still need to be accomplished. The quest of our nation to solve our age-old problems cannot be done by the government alone. It must come from our hearts, and the efforts of each and every Filipino.

I ask our countrymen, as you affirm your Faith in the Lord, to affirm your faith in the country as well. Come Easter Sunday, when we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, may it also herald the resurrection of our nation's sense of mission of building a better Philippines for all.

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