Press Release
March 19, 2018

Explanation of Vote Philippine ID System
Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph G. Recto
19 March 2018

Mr. President:

First, allow me to congratulate the main sponsors, Senators Ping and Frank, for writing the specs of a national ID card which is so valuable and virtuous that people won't be leaving home without it.

As I register my affirmative vote, let me reiterate the points that I raised in my sponsorship speech, and during my interpellation of the kind sponsor.

This law will have a price tag of P25 billion, spread over five years. The cost will come up to P220 per individual, based on a 2022 population of 114,009, 508.

While card holders will get their number and card for free, they will, however, indirectly pay for it as taxpayers.

So I expect the Senate, true to its tradition of rigorously scrutinizing the budget, will be unsparing in demanding what the P25 billion could deliver.

I have to stress this, Mr. President, because while this bill mandates the establishment of an ID system, it does not grant the executive a blank check to implement. That will still be authorized by congressional appropriations.

But I do hope, however, that part of the outlay will be used to assist data capture points run by local governments, because for most of the population, these are offices nearest to them.

I think that for P25 billion, it would not be too much to expect that what will be given to us is an ID system which will be safe, secure, and will serve as a substitute for the accordion of government cards that we carry in our wallets.

The data collected and maintained should be protected as a national treasure, guarded at all times against threats from within and without, because an enemy with malware is as dangerous as one with a missile.

I am also comforted, Mr. President, by the assurance made by the good sponsors, that during the registration phase, and even after, the failure to present the national ID will never be ground for the denial or forfeiture of government services.

I vote yes, Mr. President.

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