Press Release
March 19, 2018


Sen. Grace Poe today endorsed the approval of a measure seeking to provide free wi-fi access in transport terminals and prohibit collection of fees for the use of sanitary facilities in transport stops, rest areas and terminals.

Poe, chairperson of the Senate committee on public services, urged her colleagues to approve Senate Bill No. 1749 or An Act To Improve Land Transportation Terminals, Stations, Stops, Rest Areas and Roll-On/Roll-Off Terminals as transport terminals with adequate facilities serve as sanctuaries for travelers. The bill seeks to prohibit the collection of fees from passengers for the use of sanitary facilities in transport terminals.

"Kasama po ito dapat sa pagpapatupad ng mga probisyon ng Republic Act (RA) No. 10929, or the Free Internet Access in Public Places Act. Pinag-iibayo natin na lalong mapabuti ang access sa wi-fi ng mga pasaherong Pilipino," said Poe in endorsing the immediate approval of the proposed legislation, adding that the Department of Information and Communications Technology as well as bus operators and land transport groups are supportive of the bill.

Owners, operators, or administrators of land transport terminals, stations, stops, rest areas, and roll-on/roll-off terminals are mandated to provide clean, sanitary facilities for passengers. The measure harmonizes existing laws and regulations on the matter such as the Code on Sanitation of the Philippines and the existing guidelines of the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board for off-street terminal operations.

"Minsan parang gameshow ang paggamit sa mga ito: behind door number one, malinis na comfort room na may tubig at sabon; behind door number two, CR na marumi na walang amenities kahit ano," she said in jest.

The proposal also seeks to mandate the establishment of a lactation station inside the terminals, in compliance with RA No. 7600, as amended by RA No. 10028, or the Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009."

"It will improve the experience of weary Filipino travelers who use these transport terminals during their long trips. It is an improvement which will be immediately seen and felt. And it will show Filipinos that the government listens and cares. It fixes the 'broken windows' and gives the impression that no problem is too small for government to repair," said Poe.

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