Press Release
March 19, 2018


As early as last year, I already called for the resignation of Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre. This was after he tried to discredit the testimonies of witnesses to the Kian killing and was caught plotting to expedite cases against me while attending a Senate hearing. Even then, I already knew that Mr. Aguirre was undeserving of his post.

Mr. Aguirre is a manufacturer and peddler of fake news. He is a cook of fake cases. And now, a reliable friend of criminal masterminds, extrajudicial killers and drug lords.

Mr. Aguirre has transformed the Department of Justice (DOJ) into his personal kitchen. Doon niya niluluto ang mga pekeng balita at pekeng kaso laban sa oposisyon. Doon din niya nilutong ma-abswelto ang mga mamamatay tao, big-time plunderer at drug peddler.

Mr. Aguirre's continued stay as Justice Secretary demonstrates how the Duterte government's war on drugs is one-sided and a complete fakery. It is also a vulgar insult to the people and our quest for justice and accountability.

Calling for Mr. Aguirre's resignation is only appropriate. However, at this point, Mr. Aguirre's firing and/or resignation, like the reports that the President allegedly punched a wall in Malacañang out of anger over the dismissal of complaints against alleged drug lords, would be nothing but a desperate PR move from the government to shore up support for its discredited drug war.

What is needed now is a radical overhaul of our judicial system to rehabilitate it from the damage caused by Mr. Aguirre and the government's bloody anti-drug campaign.

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