Press Release
March 14, 2018

Statement of Senator Trillanes:

The withdrawal of Duterte from the ICC has no legal effect on the cases already filed before it because according to the Rome Statute, the effectivity of the withdrawal is only a year after the notification. Therefore, all his offenses committed as documented in the Atty. Sabio communication, as well as our own communication, which I filed together with Cong. Gary Alejano, and offenses which he may yet commit up to a year from now are still covered by the ICC. This is but a political move by Duterte because he knows that there is no way out for him in the ICC. Hindi nya ito kayang takutin gaya ng ginagawa nya sa mga korte natin.

But let me backtrack a bit. First, he said that he is willing to be jailed for what he has done. Then, he said that the ICC has no jurisdiction and that he has not committed any crime against humanity. Now, Duterte, by withdrawing from the ICC, has practically admitted that he is guilty of the allegations filed against him.

Mr. Duterte, magpakalalaki ka at harapin mo ang mga akusasyon laban sayo. 20,000 na Filipino na ang pinapatay mo. Maliwanag yan at nasaksihan yan ng buong bansa. Malapit na ang araw ng paniningil.

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